2020-2021 Breeding Chart
Alpine Sr. Does
Doe Buck Date Due Kid Prices

Current Reservations

GCH Atara Bartok Late Feb* $750 1 doe reserved
1 buck reserved
GCH Orchestra AI - Accolade Mid March $650
GCH Mysteriosa Bartok Mid April $1000 All kids reserved/retained
GCH Arabesque Goldmark Late Feb* $1000 All kids reserved/retained
GCH Reggae Resolve Late Feb* $750 2 does reserved
GCH Symphony Resolve/Fritz Mid April $500

GCH Zamara AI - CH Accolade Mid March* $750 1 doe reserved
1 buck reserved
GCH Cavetina AI - CH Accolade Mid March $600 2 does reserved
1 buck reserved
Rhapsody AI - Sailor Mid April $450 1st doe retained
GCH Encore AI - GCH Andretti Mid March $600
GCH Grandiosa Resolve Late Feb* $600 1 doe reserved
Stella Resolve Early March* $450 1 buck reserved
Ziva AI - Chimay Mid March $500
Fantasia Resolve Mid Feb* $400
Alpine Jr. Does
Treble Recip
Elise Recip
Berceuse Recip
Fanfare Recip
Mariachi Fritz Late March $300
Talia Bartok Mid April $300
Capricciosa Bartok Mid March $300
Toggenburg Does
GCH French Kiss Rainero Early March* $750
GCH Butterfly Kiss Finale Mid March $750 1 buck reserved
GCH Maggie Rose Remington Late Feb* $950 1 buck reserved
Oberhasli Does
SGCH Forrestania Salvador Late Feb* $700
SGCH Hazel Salvador Late March $850
London Recip

* - confirmed via ultrasound

A $100 deposit is required on each kid ordered with the remainder due two weeks after notification of birth. Personal checks should be made out to “Harmody Alpines” and are only accepted if time is allowed for check to clear before an animal is picked up. For kid orders, any shipping fees, veterinarian fees, and crates are the buyer’s responsibility and must be paid in full prior to departure. Prices are for kids up to 4 weeks of age and include delivery to Denver International Airport if they are to be shipped. Arrangements can be made to delay pickup/shipping of your kid if necessary at a cost of $3.00 per day. All accounts must be paid in full before the animals leave the farm.

We do reserve the right to retain any animal instead of selling it. In this case, the buyer may opt for another animal or the deposit will be refunded. Prices are not guaranteed after birth.

We have milkers for sale virtually every spring as well. Yearling milkers are observed for approximately 2 months before we offer any for sale.


Send Check to:

Harmody Alpines

46702 County Rd 17

Nunn CO 80648

Reserve your kid using PayPal
Dam of 1st choice
Dam of 2nd choice

Semen for Sale

Semen can be picked up at Nationals, Convention, or other shows that we attend. We now have access to a shipper and can ship to any continental US state

Buck Price
Harmody R Bria's Mozart $35/straw
Harmody RHTS Cantatas Composer $25/straw
Iron-Rod Rhett Manchester $30/straw
Sand-Dance SDM Barcelona $15/straw
Redwood Hills Just-N-Time $25/straw
Harmody R Bria's David Larson $25/straw
Harmody A Lekili's Nicolai $15/straw
Harmody TCH Sonora's Coufeyrec $20/straw
Tempo Aquila Oreo Blizzard $15/straw
Brandt's Roc Armador $15/straw
Pearl Valley Lance Polo $20/straw
Iron-Rod Stealth Argent $10/straw
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