GCH Redwood Hills Lance Sonora 12*M
04-07 90 VEEE
DOB: 2/19/2010
GCH Redwood Hills Lance Sonora 12*M
SS: SGCH Millar-Farm Royal Image ++*B 90 VEE
S: SG Tempo Aquila Freelance +*B 91 EEE
SD: GCH Des-Ruhigestelle Free Thinker 4*M 92 EEEE
DS: Qu'Appelle V Ember ++*B
D: SG Redwood Hills Ember Saffron 11*M
DD: SG Redwood Hills Journey Sapphire 10*M

2-02 244 2030 70 3.7% 61 2.8% 3-01 273 2080 73 3.5% 67 3.2% 4-01 273 2910 106 3.6% 85 2.9%

Show Records:

2012: 12th place at Nationals, 5X 1st, 4X 2nd, 2X GCH, 1X BUOB, 1X BOB
2013: 9th place at Nationals, 3X 1st, 8X 2nd (to Halli), 2X Res.
2014: 10th place at Nationals, 8X 1st, 2X Res.
2015: Not Shown
2016: Not Shown
Sonora is one of the most powerful does we have. A striking black doe, Sonora has a strongly attached udder, with a well-defined medial suspensory ligament. She is deep and wide in her chest and barrel, leading to an overall picture of strength. While her teats are bit on the big side, Sonora still has been 1st place udder numerous times, with a Best Udder of Breed win as well. Sonora has been a fantastic showmanship partner for Abbi. Thank you Redwood Hills for selling us this beautiful doe.
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