GCH Harmody LR Cantata's Martele 9*M
04-04 91 EEEE
DOB: 4/15/2009
GCH Harmody LR Cantata's Martele 9*M
SS: Brandt's Roc Armador +*B
S: Harmody A Lekili's Rodgers
SD: GCH Forever Squezze Liaison Lekili 1*M 92 EEEE
DS: Pearl Valley YL Rachmaninoff +*B
D: GCH Harmody R Bria Cantata 8*M 92 EEEE
      (2010 & 2014 Res. National Champion, 2010 & 2011 Res. Best Udder)
DD: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria 7*M 92 EEEE
       (2011 National Champion and Best Udder)

1-00 247 1560 36 2.3% 38 2.4% 1-10 227 2830 71 2.5% 65 2.3% 2-11 240 2700 69 2.6% 60 2.2% 3-11 232 2880 71 2.5% 73 2.5% 4-10 253 2770 68 2.5% 64 2.3%

Show Records:

2010: 1x 2nd,
2011: 1X GCH, 2X Res. 6th at Nationals
2012: 5X 1st, 3X 2nd, 2X GCH, 2X BOB, 1X BUOB, 1X BDIS, 1X BUIS
2013: 5X 1st, 4X 2nd, 5X BOB, 2X BUOB, 3X BDIS, 9th at nationals
2014: 3X 1st, 3X 2nd, 1X 3rd, 3X BOB, 2X BDIS, 1X BUIS
Misty was our surprise. She wasn't an eye-catching kid, but she sure is pretty now. She is very tall, long and wide. As a yearling, she was tall and gangly. We didn't think she could get any bigger, but she did. One of the tallest doe in our herd now, Misty cannot be overlooked. Her udder has a high wide rear attachment and a good overall area of udder attachment. Misty is one of our top producing does, and thankfully, one of the easiest to milk. At the 2016 ADGA National Show, Misty placed 8th in the Aged Doe class and was 1st place Dam and Daughter with Osa. She also won the Total Milk Production award. While we are still waiting for her to outgrow her childish habits, Misty continues to amaze us both in and out of the ring.
Dam: GCH Harmody R Bria's Cantata Dam's Dam: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria
Dam: GCH Harmody R Bria's Cantata Dam's Dam: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria
Misty - 2014
Misty - 2014
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