GCH Harmody R Bria's Aria 8*M
05-04 91 VEEE
DOB: 4/13/2008
GCH Harmody R Bria's Aria 8*M
SS: Pearl Valley Yreka Laredo *B
S: Pearl Valley YL Rachmaninoff +*B
SD: SGCH Pearl Valley Obsession Birdie 6*M 91 EEEE
DS: SG Redwood Hills Ember Sebastian *B
D: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria 7*M 92 EEEE
       (2011 National Champion and Best Udder)
DD: SG Harmody HC Queen's Serenade 6*M

2-00 264 2210 2.6% 57 2.9% 63 2-11 240 2290 2.6% 59 2.8% 64 4-00 246 2500 2.6% 66 2.5% 66 2013 - Leased out (Off Test) 2014 - Leased out (Off Test) 2015 - Leased out (Off Test) 2016 - Leased out (Off Test)

Show Records:

2009: GCH 1x BJDIS 1x
2010: GCH 2x RGCH 3x
2011: 4th place at Nationals
2012: 2X 1st, 2X 2nd, 2X BOB, 2X BUOB, 1X BDIS
2013: 4X 1st, 2X 2nd, 1X GCH, 2X BOB, 1X BUOB, 5th at nationals
2014: Leased out - Not Shown
2015: Not Shown
2016: 6th at Nationals
2017: 5th at Nationals
We fell in love with this Bria daughter after her first freshening as a 2 year old. Because of an extended lactation, Aria is a 6th freshing 8 year old, but milking through for 18 months certainly didn't hurt her as Aria has maintained her strong, level topline, correct feet and legs, and continued to milk well. With an overall pleasing shape to her mammary system and strong attachments, Aria has a beautiful, productive mammary system. Aria maintains the same "Bria" style, long and level, uphill to the withers, and beautiful dairy strength that catches eye both at home and in the show ring. At the 2016 ADGA National Show, Aria was 6th place in the Aged Doe class. Aria and Atara were first place Produce of Dam and Aria was a member of our 3rd place Dairy Herd group.
Aria - 2014 Full Sister: GCH Harmody R Bria's Cantata
Aria - 2014 Full Sister: GCH Harmody R Bria's Cantata
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