SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria 7*M
05-03 92 EEEE
DOB: 3/21/2003
2011 National Champion Alpine and Best Udder
SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria 7*M
SS: Qu'Appelle V Ember ++*B
S: SG Redwood Hills Ember Sebastian *B
SD: Redwood Hills Dynamic Passion 6*M
DS: SG Pearl Valley KMO Hi-Class +*B
D: SG Harmody HC Queen's Serenade 6*M
DD: Pearl Valley MG Queen 5*M 90 VEEE

1-00 258 2310 74 3.2% 68 2.9%
2-00 272 3080 107 3.5% 82 2.7%
3-00 267 3160 97 3.1% 82 2.6%
4-01 242 2820 90 3.2% 76 2.7%
5-00 249 3390 113 3.3% 93 2.7%
6-10 276 3100 103 3.3% 82 2.6%

Show Records:

2008: BOB 12x BDIS 3x BUIS 6x
2010: BOB 5x BDIS 2x 1st/1st udder Aged Doe at the 2010 ADGA National Show
2011: 1st/1st udder Aged Doe at the 2011 National Show, National Champion, Best Udder, 4X BDIS
Bria was truly the star of our herd. Tall, long, stylish, with the udder and depth to complement the dairyness she shows, Bria was the oldest doe on our show string. Her udder continued to improve as she matured, with a strong, smooth fore-udder attachment and a high, wide rear udder. General Appearance has never been an issue with Bria, being level across the topline with strong feet and legs that did not weakened with age. We were excited to make it to Nationals in Springfield, MA. The goal was to have all of our animals in top form when they walked into the ring. We really liked how Bria looked and were ecstatic when she placed first place in the aged doe class. Imagine how excited we were when the judges picked Bria as Grand Champion Alpine Doe!!!! Bria was a part of our 3rd place Dairy Herd, 1st place Best 3, and 1st place Dam and Daughter with Cantata. Her daughters, Cantata and Aria, were 1st place Produce of Dam. Bria also won Best Udder and the Lifetime Milk and Lifetime Fat production awards! Bria loved to be shown, so she didn't throw a fit about all the pictures we took. However, she started falling asleep in the ring and it became a struggle to keep her head up!! Apparently even stars can only take the attention so long! We lost Bria in 2012, but her legacy lives on in our herd as most of the animals we still have trace back to Bria.
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