GCH Harmody JT Bria's Atara 8*M
07-04 91 EEEE
DOB: 4/27/2011
GCH Harmody JT Bria's Atara 8*M
SS: Redwood Hills Sierra Jazzman *B
S: CH Redwood Hills Just-N-Time *B
SD: SG Redwood Hills Lance Julip 5*M
DS: SG Redwood Hills Ember Sebastian *B
D: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria 7*M 92 EEEE
       (2011 National Champion and Best Udder)
DD: SG Harmody HC Queen's Serenade 6*M

1-11 251 1950 3.2 62 3.0 58
2-09 301 3540 3.5 125 2.8 100
3-10 266 3130 3.0 93 2.5 79
2016 dry
5-03 365 3110 2.9 89 2.4 74
2018 dry

Show Records:

2013: 1X 1st, 10X 2nd, 1X 3rd, 1X Res, 15th at Nationals
2014: 7X 1st, 2X 2nd, 3X 3rd, 6X GCH, 3X Res.
2017: 9X 1st, 1X 2nd, 3X GCH, 4X Res, 1X BOB, 1X BUOB, 5th at Nationals
2018: 3X 1st, 1X 2nd, 1X GCH, 12th at Nationals
Atara is our last Bria daughter. This was our first year breeding Bria to someone besides Rocky. We tried Just-N, our Redwood Hills buck, and we love what we got! Atara retained the style that Bria had while Just-N added strength and power. Atara has a strongly attached mammary system, a level topline, and is a high producing doe. She ended up not being bred this past fall, but was so upset at not being milked that we decided to start milking her. Atara ended up milking enough, even without kidding, that we took her with us to Harrisburg for the 2016 ADGA National show where she placed 11th in the 5 & 6 year old class. She was also part of the 1st place Produce of Dam group with Aria.
Atara is bred to Redwood Hills Foxtrot Resolve
Atara 2014 Atara - 2013
Atara 2014 Atara - 2013
Atara - 2014 Dam: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria
Atara - 2014 Dam: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria
Atara - 2016
Atara - 2016
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