GCH Harmody M Birdie's Ravenscall 7*M
05-06 91 EEEV
DOB: 3/4/09
GCH Harmody M Birdie's Ravenscall 7*M
SS: Pearl Valley YL Rachmaninoff +*B
S: Harmody R Bria's Mozart *B 91 EEE
SD: SGCH Harmody ES Con Bria 7*M 92 EEEE
       (2011 National Champion and Best Udder)
DS: SG Kerstrat Magnificent Obsession +*B
D: SGCH Pearl Valley Obsession Birdie 6*M 91 EEEE
DD: Pearl Valley Kate's Lilly 5*M

1-01 252 1580 48 3.0% 46 2.9% 2-01 237 2410 71 2.9% 63 2.6% 3-00 235 2260 71 3.1% 57 2.5% 4-00 Leased out - Not on Test 5-00 236 1790 60 3.4% 45 2.5%

Show Records:

2009: GCH 1X, Res 1x, BJDIS 1x,
2010: GCH 1X, Res 1x,
2011: GCH 2X, 9th at Nationals
2012: 18th at Nationals, 2X 1st, 4X 2nd, 2X GCH,
2013: Leased out - Not shown
2014: 12th at Nationals, 2X 1st, 5X 2nd, 2X BOB, 1X BDIS, 1X BUIS
We wanted to cross the strength and power of Birdie with the style and dairy character Bria has. Raven is the outcome. Her udder looks like her dam's with improved teat placement. She has a high wide rear udder with a smooth fore udder attachment. She is long and tall with a gorgeous topline. Her general appearance and style are Bria all over again. Many judges comment on her stunning dairy character. Raven continues to win Best of Breed at many shows each year, earning many Best Doe in Show ribbons as well. At the 2016 ADGA National Show, Raven was 9th place as a 7 year old. Raven was a member of our 2nd place Sr. Get of Sire. Raven continues to be one of our strongest does in the show ring as well as a great source of entertainment with her unique personality.
Raven is bred to Redwood Hills Foxtrot Resolve
Raven - 2011 Raven - 2014
Raven - 2011 Raven - 2014
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